Harry Potter Rumors from the Reasonable to the Impossible?

Like all rumors, Harry Potter rumors range from those too far-fetched to possibly be true at one side of the spectrum to the rumors that indeed fall within the realm of reason.

When reading Harry Potter rumors online one comes across bizarre improbable ideas such as Ron and Harry secretly being lovers to the, perhaps more likely, notion that Malfoy secretly desires Hermione.

Yes, you will notice that in each of the cases I just cited, these rumors are centered around the relationships between the characters.

Now, let's take a look at some other rumors that delve deeper into the Harry Potter world. The following are only a few of the intriguing rumors I have encountered online while visiting various Harry Potter websites.

  • There is a connection between squibs and their cats. Mr. Filch and Mrs. Figg are great examples, since they are the only squibs introduced to date.
  • Petunia received a letter accepting her to Hogwarts, but was too afraid of witchcraft to go. She hates her sister because inside she is jealous of her sister's bravery and audacity. It is believed that Dumbledore's Howler was to remind Petunia that she had promised to take Harry in only if he kept her secret, so that she would not throw Harry out.
  • Magic is passed to children through the mother's side. For example: Tonks' mother was a witch and her father was a muggle, Seamus' parentage was the same, as was Voldemort's.
  • Neville's mother gives him her gum wrappers; will this be important in Neville's future?
  • Snape really protects Harry, not because of his debt to James, but because he really loved Lilly (which explains why he hates Harry: Harry is a constant reminder that Lilly truly loved James and not him).

I think these are enough to intrigue you for a little while and prompt your thinking of other possibilities the story does not directly reveal.

As I come across Harry Potter rumors I will update this page. I also enourage you to contact me with rumors relating to the Harry Potter world that you have come across.

In time, I may go ahead and start some rumors of my own. I certainly have more than one good idea due to the awesome writing style used by J. K. Rowling. She leaves enough unsaid that we often can ponder other possibilities not included in the books.

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